Brant Fell

Date: 6 Mar 2020 Weather: 6’C, overcast
Height gain: 256 ft Distance: 1.3 miles
Time taken: 45 mins Wainwrights: Outlying 9 of 116

Ok, so this one really is a short walk, but it’s an Outlying Fell so it needs to be recorded.  We have viewed a house in Bowness and decide to do this short walk while we’re here.

The house viewing is in the early afternoon and takes the usual half an hour or so – a good house but close to the road into Bowness which is surprisingly noisy and the acre of garden was mostly vertical so it’s yet another no.

We leave the house and drive less than a mile to turn into a tiny road where we find parking in a layby right next to the footpath to Brant Fell.  We get our boots on and set off up the footpath and through fields towards Brantfell Farm, walking around the bottom of the hill.

Just beyond the farm we make a left turn to find the start of an ascent path.  The top of Brant Fell peeks out above us through the trees:


We walk through the woods and then out onto the hillside where we can see the final 200 foot climb to the top:


It only takes us 10 minutes or so to scale the dizzy heights of Brant Fell:


It’s cloudy today and the visibility isn’t great but the views even at this modest height are lovely, here looking north down Windermere with the Eastern fells beyond it:


And looking west across the lake towards the Coniston range shrouded in cloud in the distance:


We trot backwards and forwards across the summit taking our photos, enjoying the fresh air and the views before heading north directly down the side of Brant Fell.  We lose the footpath as the ground steepens but quickly right oursleves and find the track which will take us back to the car:


This was a short outing with unexpectedly good views from such a little hill – you can’t really avoid beautiful views in this part of the Lake District.  Maybe I’ll start looking a bit harder for a dream house in this area …..

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