Farleton Knott

Date: 27 Feb 2020 Weather: 3’C, partly cloudy
Height gain: 928 ft Distance: 6.0 miles
Time taken: 3 hrs Wainwrights:

Some sunshine at last, but with strong winds still raging in the mountains we decide to do a walk up to Farleton Knott from Hutton Roof.

We tried this walk for the first time in September last year.  We enjoyed the walk up to the Knott but our descent was rather challenging down 400 near vertical feet of muddy ground down to a wall we struggled to get over (despite being on a footpath according to the map) – this was followed by two miles or so of walking on uphill roads back to Hutton Roof.  We both agreed it was a walk we’d like to do again if we could find a different way back.  S has been refining the route and we decide we’ll go and try it out today.

It’s cold with the recent snow still on the hills but some sunshine is peeking out from the puffy clouds.  We wrap up warm and drive to Hutton Roof where we park in the large village hall car park.  The sign on the gate announces no events are planned for today so we’re free to use it – and we’re the only car in it.

We get our boots on and set off down the road before picking up the footpath up to Hutton Roof Crags.  We don’t have to climb far before we’re out of the trees and have great views of the snow-capped mountains behind us:


We reach the high point before heading downhill to meet a small road which we cross before heading uphill again towards Newbiggin Crags and a wide expanse of limestone pavement:


It’s very impressive, especially in the winter sunshine with snowy mountains peeking out in the distance:


We make our way across the limestone, sometimes finding paths around it and sometimes climbing on it.  We head to a wall which we follow as it heads down into a depression before a final steeper climb to the Knott.  We have to get through a section which has been popular with the local cows and is very muddy and churned up.

We get to the other side of the mud and head through a gate for the final steep ascent.  There is a couple on the top who don’t seem able to get away from a lone woman who is regaling them with tales of her walk and how they should have followed a different and much better route than they did.  They keep saying they must head off but keep being kept talking.  We don’t risk an encounter ourselves and stay just below the summit admiring the great views across to Morecombe Bay:


… and over to the Lake District hills in the distance:


It’s windy and cold up here so we don’t hang around.  We initially retrace our steps, tracking back through the cow churned mud, before reaching the point where we turned for our abseil descent last time.  Maps and gadgets are consulted to make sure our alternative route looks better and that we’re head in the right direction.

We head south on a path that looks initially inviting:


…. and happily it stays at a reasonable gradient and not too muddy.  We reach Town End Farm and walk through the farmyard to join the road back into Hutton Roof.  It’s a straightforward mile and a quarter on the road to reach the car again.

It’s been great to be out for a longer walk than we’ve been able to do recently and in such lovely sunshine.  The new version of the walk worked very well and this is a route I look forward to doing again in the future.

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