Date: 11 Jun 2016 Weather: 17’C, overcast, still
Height gain: 1,050 ft Distance: 4.5 miles
Time taken: 3 hrs 30 mins Wainwrights: 1 of 214

Route:  From Pelter Bridge car park at Rydal along Under Loughrigg Road, turning right up footpath to summit then walking towards the Grasmere descent path but turning right and heading down the side of Loughrigg to the cave and then back to the road.

It’s our first holiday up here since completing our first round of Wainwrights last September.  After many years of tailoring holidays and walks around finishing the round it feels very liberating to have every mountain to choose from and we’re very excited to be here.

So what are we going to choose as our first Wainwright of our second round?  Loughrigg of course – my first on our first round and it used to be our “starter walk” of every holiday if we were based in the south lakes – until we got serious about completing a full round of course.

S isn’t keen on doing our usual route – from Ambleside through the park and back via the cave and a two or so mile walk on the Underloughrigg Road back to Ambleside – he finds the last bit too boring.  So we decide to start from Rydal Bridge today.  We arrive at the small car park at Pelter Bridge relatively late – we stayed at the Premier Inn in Kendal last night to extend our holiday by a day – but we just manage to squeeze into the one available space.  We boot up and set off along the Underloughrigg track.

It’s warm and humid and there’s very little breeze.  One of us is really excited to be about to scale Loughrigg again for the first time in what must be over 10 years.  One of us is a bit grumpy as he’s hot and uncomfortable …..

We walk for about a mile before reaching a path heading right and up the mountain.  It’s steep but grassy and I’m loving being out here again:


I’m doing ok but S is finding it hard going in the humidity.  Loughrigg isn’t very tall, though, and after just 900ft of ascent we’ve made it to the top:


It’s a bit cloudy up here and there are lots of people around – as you would expect on a Saturday in June – but the views are still great.  I scamper about reacquainting myself with a favourite top and enjoying the views down towards Grasmere:


We find a quietish spot just away from the top and have some lunch.  We don’t hurry but enjoy being back up here after so many years.  Eventually, though, we decide it’s time to descend.

S doesn’t want to go off the nose and have a long walk back to the car park so we decide to try and find a path off Loughrigg’s eastern flank.  We do go as far as the start of the steep path down to Grasmere just to take in the lovely view:


We go back up a bit and take a right hand turn and bound down the grassy hillside – no official paths here but it’s easy and it’s fun on the bouncy grass.  An added bonus, we manage to string paths together to end up at Loughrigg cave – I love this place:


But apologies for the overexposed picture – don’t seem to have any good photos pointing into the cave.  Looking out, however, seems to photograph a bit better:


Cave investigations over we negotiate the very short bit of steep descent from the cave and have less than a mile to walk back to the car park.

It was lovely to be back up such a favourite fell – but perhaps one of us was a bit more giddy and over enthusiastic on her walk than the other one.

One down …… two hundred and thirteen to go ……

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