Silver How

Date: 15 Jun 2016 Weather: 17’C, cloudy, light wind
Height gain: 1,300 ft Distance: 5.0 miles
Time taken: 2 hours 15 mins Wainwrights: 9 of 214

Route:  From Elterwater following a meandering path via Dow Bank and Spedding Crag up to the top and back on the path we should have been on.

It’s an overcast and muggy day and we decide we need a shorter walk today after the longer ridge walk we did yesterday.  S suggests Silver How from Elterwater which, while still a short walk, gives us a longer and hopefully more gentle ascent than other starting points.

We arrive in Elterwater and unsurprisingly we find it a struggle to find a parking place.  After circling the various options twice we finally find a space part way up the road past Walthwaite Bottom.

We boot up and set off up the road to find the the footpath.  In fact there are lots of footpaths and we sample most of them as we try and find a route to the top.

The first 600ft up to Dow Bank feels steep but then flattens out as we walk around the front of it.  It steepens again as we approach Spedding Crag.  From this point we wander the hillside in the right general direction but are feeling completely energyless and like we’ll never reach the top.

Finally, after one and a half hours, we find it.  We flop down onto the rocky summit and get out the pasties as a first priority to restore flagging blood sugar levels before even considering any views:


The cloud is quite low but the views down to Grasmere and Rydal Water are lovely:


We can see across to Helm Crag and our ridge walk of yesterday:


And to the west we can just make out the Langdales in the haze:


After food and views have been taken we set off down – it’s much easier to make out the right path from above and we take a much more logical route which skirts round both the crags and descending diagonally back to the road – a much more respectable 45 minutes for the return journey.

Silver How is a lovely mountain with many choices of route and great views and this should be a very enjoyable walk – it’s a shame we were both so listless and out of energy today.

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