Date: 11 Mar 2019 Weather: 6’C, partly cloudy
Height gain: 1,109 ft Distance: 7.2 miles
Time taken: 3 hrs 25 mins Wainwrights: Outlying 3 of 116

Another Outlying Fell walked over a year ago but written up during the Coronavirus Lockdown in April 2020.

It’s proving to be a wet March and we haven’t been out for any distance in over two weeks.  We know we enjoy Scout Scar near Kendal so S has devised a walk to go and try out its relatively near neighbour, Whitbarrow Scar.

We have a bit of blue sky among puffy clouds today but it’s cold.  We drive to the small village of Whitebeck and find a place to park near the pub.  We get our boots on and set off down the road into the next tiny place called Row.  We know we need to find a right hand turn onto a footpath but can’t see it.  Eventually we realise we need to walk up someone’s drive and we finally find the footpath which starts behind their house.

The path takes us uphill and into a small patch of woodland.  The route isn’t obvious from here and we find ourselves scrambling up through the trees and over a wall before spotting the path to our left.  We slip and slide on muddy ground as we fight our way through the final trees and back onto the right path.

The footpath is clear now but muddy underfoot with large slabs of stone which are icy in places.  S is keeping a close eye on the map to make sure we don’t miss our next turn and doesn’t see the ice hidden beneath the mud.  After one confident step his feet slide from under him and he takes a fast fall onto the hard rock.  This is one of the hardest falls I’ve seen him take and I’d be turning around and limping for home if it were me.  S takes it in his stride, though, and just takes a moment to make sure nothing is broken before getting back upright and agreeing to carry on.

We both watch our feet carefully on the rest of this stretch which takes us to the edge of Rawson’s Wood and a right hand turn up towards the scar itself.  As we gain height and come out of the trees we start to get some good views:


We keep heading upwards on interesting terrain which isn’t dissimilar to Scout Scar.  We reach the edge of the Scar and take another right turn to walk along it’s edge gaining a few more feet of height before reaching the highest point which is known as Lord’s Seat:



To the west we can just see as far as Morecombe Bay:


As we carry on along the edge we are looking down on an impressive building and wonder what it is – we later learn it’s Witherslack Hall School, a grade II listed building built in 1874.  We’re surprised it’s a school – it had the look of a National Trust property about it.

We reach the end of the scar and turn right again to start our descent.  We reach a wall which we cross and then decide to huddle next to to have our lunch – a homemade sandwich today.  It’s a quick lunch as we cool down fast in the icy wind.  We set off again and carry on descending on stony terrain with sparse trees which thankfully is not too muddy or icy.

We meet up with the woodland path from our ascent and stick to it this time rather than letting the signs mislead us into the pathless terrain we tackled earlier.  This makes for a much more straightforward route back to Row and a short walk up the road back to the car.

It’s been good to do a decent length walk and the scar made for interesting terrain and good views but we could have done without the mud and the ice and S could definitely have done without the bruises he’s taking home.

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